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HongKong PART 4 (MACAU).......

This is my Hong Kong Trip PART 4.. Well it's not really Hong Kong, cause I'm gonna take you to MACAU.. but its still in one package with my Hong Kong Vacation, so I'm just gonna write it this way.. Btw, for those of you who want to see my PART 1 HK Trip and my PART 2 HK Trip and my PART 3 HK Trip just click there ^^

4th day of my trip.. We travel from HK to MACAU with Ferry.. and stayed at "Beverly Plaza" Hotel (a four star hotel).. So before this, we already had a three star hotel for two nights, and a hostel for one night.. Come on, i think its about time for a little bit of luxury here hahaha.. and of course because it was a four star hotel, it was BIG & COZY.. Two Queen size Bed, BIG room, BIG bathroom, everything was perfect.. the only downside was The Bed was VERY HARD hahaha.. you wont believe it but you will have to try it by yourself to understand.. Other than that everything was perfect.. Even the location was perfect, in the heart of Macau, near the famous "Lisboa" Hotel...

Luckily, this time i didn't forget to took a few pic of the room (this took right when we were check out... so please don't mind the messiness)

BIG BED yeahhhhh !!.. although it was damn hard beds, but me & hubby each had our own BIG BED.. We could roll left and right.. and we could ........ (fill in by yourself hahahahha...)

 After checked in to Beverly Plaza Hotel.. we took our map & go straight for 10 minute walk to Senado Square..

Us.. taking pic in front of the mirror wall, outside the Lisboa Hotel... on the way to Senado Square

What is Senado Square?? well, "Senado Square" has been Macau's Urban Centre for centuries, and is still the most popular venue for public events and celebrations.. Until now always fill with lots of tourists from all around the world ^^

ARRIVED at Senado Square..

The Square is surrounded by pastel coloured neo-classical buildings, creating a harmonious Mediterranean atmosphere..

 It was only two days till Chinese New Year so the centre of "Senado Square" fills with lots of New Year's Decoration...

Inside the Senado Square, I was tempted by lots of store selling Pie or Cookies or Deep Fried Chicken or Beef Jerkey or even Pork's Ham.. the GREAT part was a few store even willing to gave free samples of their goods..  OMG it was snacks everywhere.. BUT of course lots of branded clothing store too.. when i was there, "Giordano" was the most crowded store of all.. 

I HAD TO TRY ONE OF THE SNACKS.. so i tried The "Deep Fried Chicken" from "E.S.KIMO" and.. it was SO DELICIOUS.. OMG i swear my stomach 'growling' when i type this right now.. SIGH please OPEN IN INDONESIA.. PLEASE!

Ok pauseee... *running to the kitchen*... *open the fridge*... *try to find any food that i could fried* .... "Pleaseeee.. Nugget.. Chicken.. French Fries.. anythingggg..."... (ended up fried some chicken wing.. eat.. and back to blogging)... Better than nothing..

Continue... There's also two church along the Senado Square...

The first one.. "St. Dominic's Church"
It said that "the bell tower", at the back of the building, has been modified into a small Museum of Sacred Art, exhibiting a collection of around 300 artifacts, but i didn't have the chance to ask about that at that time, so I'm sorry, you had to find / goggle that by yourself...

 It was Sunday when i visited St Augustine, so there was a Mass going on at that time..

And the second is called "The Ruin of St. Paul's".. its not exactly a church now.. well its used to be.. It was originally the Church of Mater Dei built in 1602-1640, and destroyed by fire in 1835..

In front of the "St. Paul's"

After visiting the Senado Square, it was already dark, but still had time for another adventure to "Venetian".. Let me tell you a little tips, The Venetian Area is so far away from the centre of Macau so if you want to go there, it will be so damn expensive to take a taxi (theres no MTR here).. So the tips is to go to any BIG and FAMOUS hotel.. theres usually "Venetian" Free shuttle bus parking and waiting to take us to the mall.. So i go to "Lisboa" Grand Hotel and took one of the bus, and arrived at the "Venetian" for FREE ^^

Of course "Lisboa Hotel" have their own casino too right across their hotel, BUT we wont get inside that this time...

The "Venetian Macau" at night....

Wow very nice right..!! "Venetian" has resort hotel and also the biggest mall & casino in macau (if im not mistaken hahaha).. Whats unique about in, from the name maybe you could tell that it was the replicas of Venice landmarks.. theres replicas of St.Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace, Campanile Tower and even inside the mall theres three indoor canals with gondolas... we could get on one of them and take a photo too ^^

"Venetian Mall" indoor canals..

You see that gondoliers right there.. you wont believe it but they were SINGING too.. really?! I'm not kidding.. i think this canals and The Singing Gondoliers who really2 completes the transforms of the The Venetian Mall into the romantic sounds of old world of Venice..

  Kinda like taking pic in Venice, or not??? hahahaha....

After we took picture and ate at the food court, we walked around inside the mall again, and we saw this heaven on earth, "Victoria Secret" Outlet Store... GOTTA TOOK A PIC and went inside ^o^

and in front of the outlet, there was this REAL Giant Pink Ribbon Wings that Heidi Klum used in the Catwalk for VICTORIA SECRET FASHION SHOW 2011..

SEE?? The Wings so GORGEOUS & Heidi SOOO BEAUTIFUL & SEXY.. OMG Perfect Angel!!

ME.. pretend that I'm wearing the wing.. AWWW.. SO BEAUTIFUL too, RIGHT?? not so different with Heidi.. Same HOT, same GORGEOUS.. Same FIGURE.. *Narcissist is in the house*

In the main hall of the Mall, there was a performer.. he sang very good, i must say ^^ BUT when i looked at his face.. OMG, i instantly shouted "HE LOOKS LIKE HIM"..

This is the "Venetian Performer"... You know who he reminded me of ??


Anyway you guys, that's all for this part 4 MACAU vacation.. i will be back for the PART 5 HK Trip (Its also the last of HK Trip series blog post)... Ciaooo... here's the closing photo.. Me in "Venetian Mall".. took by my dearest hubby... hahahahaha...

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