Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Look Of The Day: ·Black&White· never goes wrong...

I'm in a full happy mood today..

If you didnt know, 4 days ago my precious Beagle "James Bond" went missing..
Im so sad and devastated.. for 3 days i went out and looking for him..
I also spreaded flyers, and went to a lot of pet store to find him..

Im crying in my sleep and pray that God will bring him back home..

and YESTERDAY, God answered my pray, an old man came to my house,
he saw my flyer, and said he saw my "Bond" 9km away from my house,
so he took me there.. we asked a lot of local people, until we found him..

He was chained in a farms, next to a pack of large cows..
He was so smelly and full of mud.. and YES, cover with cow poops...
In regular basis if he came home looking like that i will yell at him..
But that day i hugged him so tight, i dont even care when poopie also got into my nose..

TODAY, I woke up full with energy... So happy..
I put my make up on, and get dressed...
Feeling beautiful..
Here's my LOOK OF THE DAY.....

Here's how my Lace top looks without belt..

and heres my LOOKBOOK photo for this looks:

My Lookbook Account :


Lace Chiffon Top      : LOLLY's SHOP Online Store 
Black Strap Heels      : Heatwave Outlet Store

Black Clutch             : Gift from my mom ^^

Bangles                    : Vintage (Old stuff)
Earrings                   : Vintage (Old stuff)
Black Belt                : Bandung Trade Centre Mall
Short                       : Qiu2, Bandung Trade Centre Mall


Some of "James Bond"'s photo watching Youtube video in my Hubby's office..


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Look Of The Day: K-POP FEVER

Korean Pop Singer/Girl Band/Boy Band...
SNSD, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, Boa, Lee Hyo Ri, Girls Generation...
YES.. You know who I'm talking about...
They are so famous now in my country, and i know these "K-POP Fever" epidemic already attack the whole other part of the world...
and I KNOW the way you dressed (whether you realize it or not) influenced by them...
Their style is: Colorful, bright, their color blocking is so bold, etc etc...

Heres my Look Of The Day for 29 September 2012
(sorry for late post)
I name it "K-POP FEVER"

and heres my LOOKBOOK photo for this looks:

My Lookbook Account :
Please HYPE for this looks HERE :


Abstract Print Loose Tee    : Rumah Mode Factory Outlet, Bandung     
Shorts                               : ZARA
Studded Cross Necklace     : Pheren Castle Online Shop
Angkle Wedges                  : Giovanni Shoe Store


Photo Shoot at night.......

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Look Of The Day: Just Another Night On The Town

Going out with my hubby and friends for a little Korean food...
Talk about Bulgogi and Kimchi (so yummy!)
This is what i wore....

and heres my LOOKBOOK photo for this looks:

My Lookbook Account :


Lacey Top     : Qiu2 Boutique, Bandung Trade Centre Mall   
Black Blazer  : Qiu2 Boutique, Bandung Trade Centre Mall   
Hotpants        : Qiu2 Boutique, Bandung Trade Centre Mall   
Boots             : Gift from my mom *hugssss... i love you mom*
Necklace       : Nelthan TwinLucky Shop Online


Thursday, July 5, 2012

SINGAPORE Vacation...

 SINGAPORE VACATION TIME!! 5 Days 4 Night... with hubby.. and best friends, who also a couple (Ferdi and Erlin)... Here's some of the pictures and stories...

Waiting for Boarding (tried to smile although i hate flying T_T)
arrived at Changi Airport yayyyyy ! (i know my face in the photo didn't show a happy face but i really really happy.. REALLY! ... yeah well.. hahaha... why do i have to act cool in every photo? sigh...)
The next day we were going to Universal Studio wohoooooo !!! whoop whoop..

At the main entrance...
Corn Dog for each of us hahaha...

 in front of The Pantages Hollywood Boulevard's replica..

Chilling with Erlin at New York's sidewalk replica..

in front of The New York Public Library's replica..

To summarize the experience that i have in Universal Studio...  The Fee Ticket is 70 SGD / person, and if you hate long queue for every ride, you could add another 50 SGD / person for express route (that's what i did, and i glad i did that, no queue at all and i had chances to get on all the ride in 1 day.. I know 50 SGD not cheap but it was worth it..)

My Favourite Ride would be: 
* Transformers The Ride : we experienced 3D and action with storyline in the same time.. I'm a BIG FANS of Transformers and childish i know but i felt like they REALLY talked to me, they even tried to rescue me, how cool was that hahaha.. 
* Battlestar Galactica Duelling Roller Coaster : this is a very famous ride.. they said this is the world's tallest pair duelling roller coaster.. If you LOVE a thrilling adrenaline pumping ride, this is for you hahahaha... (here's my tips : take the Red "Human"side for the start... if you think you need more challenge.. I'm cheering you to hop on to the Blue "Cylon" side...)

take photo in front of our favourite ride, The Battlestar Galactica Duelling Roller Coaster...
Overall, i think it was better than my Disneyland's Hong Kong experience.. maybe because Universal has more ADULT ride than Disneyland.. So if you wanna bring your kids to a theme park, i suggest Disneyland.. But if you still on a honeymoon feeling like us hahahaha go to Universal Studio ^^

After Universal Studio, all I do the next days was hanged out at Orchard area and eat hahaha... 

This is me shopping in Sephora at ION Plaza..
Nothing too special about it.. just the regular.. so we could skip it..

But there was something excited and for me this is the next best thing about Singapore that i wanna blog about.... Its the hotel i stayed, the famous Marina Bay Sands....

Our hotel so uniquely magnificent at the day time...
and OMG so grand at night (the ship shape at the top of the building is the famous 57th floor sky park infinity pool..)
I took this photo from some tourism website.... i know i should put courtesy for the web but i took this photo before my vacation so i kinda forgot the web name huhuhu.... sorry.... from the photo, you see its kinda empty and intimate.. 

This is the reality photo at noon around 12 pm where the sun HIT US NASTY.. so less people.. But if you wait again a lil' bit till' afternoon.. don't be surprise, it will be chaotic and not comfortable to swim because too much people passing by.. kinda like circus hahaha.. For you guys who love intimate and more private place, well this pool not it, except maybe you want to swim in the midnight tee hee? i wonder if they still open? hmmmm.....

 with hubby in the pool ^^

4 pm in the afternoon.. chaotic.. even to take a photo we must take a few shot to make sure theres nobody else in the photo... 

YAY finally.. one photo without someone in it too....

Night Photo... The breathtaking city view with all the lights...

Last photo of me in the pool.. I swear..

This is the picture of the room where i stayed.... I ordered for a double bed, but when we got there it was full.. To make it up, they gave us the twin bed but with city view without additional charge ^^

City View Room

Camwhoring in the room

 capture with my Blackberry

Hello Kitty Blackberry =p

View from our room.. Singapore Flyer in the afternoon.. great job, Hun.. very beautiful.. ^^

LAST thing, what I also LOVE about Marina Bay Sands is that they also have a Mall, a small Ice skating rink, Museum, two large Theaters, seven "celebrity chef" restaurants, Casino with 500 tables and 1600 slot machines.... all in one area... Its so close, Its only a few step from our hotel room... i didn't feel the need to step out because i had all i need... the Food Court in the mall also had various menu and not too expensive.. Here's some of them..


steamy Dim Sum..

Nasi Lemak..

at Marina Bay Mall (British India Outlet)

at Marina Bay Mall

at Marina Bay Mall

and... another Sephora visit.... 

That will be all for my Singapore Vacation update... Im having fun writing this, and i hope you enjoy reading it too ^^

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