Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Look Of The Day: ·Black&White· never goes wrong...

I'm in a full happy mood today..

If you didnt know, 4 days ago my precious Beagle "James Bond" went missing..
Im so sad and devastated.. for 3 days i went out and looking for him..
I also spreaded flyers, and went to a lot of pet store to find him..

Im crying in my sleep and pray that God will bring him back home..

and YESTERDAY, God answered my pray, an old man came to my house,
he saw my flyer, and said he saw my "Bond" 9km away from my house,
so he took me there.. we asked a lot of local people, until we found him..

He was chained in a farms, next to a pack of large cows..
He was so smelly and full of mud.. and YES, cover with cow poops...
In regular basis if he came home looking like that i will yell at him..
But that day i hugged him so tight, i dont even care when poopie also got into my nose..

TODAY, I woke up full with energy... So happy..
I put my make up on, and get dressed...
Feeling beautiful..
Here's my LOOK OF THE DAY.....

Here's how my Lace top looks without belt..

and heres my LOOKBOOK photo for this looks:

My Lookbook Account :


Lace Chiffon Top      : LOLLY's SHOP Online Store 
Black Strap Heels      : Heatwave Outlet Store

Black Clutch             : Gift from my mom ^^

Bangles                    : Vintage (Old stuff)
Earrings                   : Vintage (Old stuff)
Black Belt                : Bandung Trade Centre Mall
Short                       : Qiu2, Bandung Trade Centre Mall


Some of "James Bond"'s photo watching Youtube video in my Hubby's office..


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