Sunday, September 11, 2011

(Redang Island - Malaysia) Holidayyy !!!

So..... Yesterday 26-30 August I was taking a holiday to Redang Island, in Malay with my hubby & friends ^^ ... For those of you who don't know, this Island is so famous because a few years ago there's this movie "Summer Holiday", starring by The Famous Taiwanese actor & actress, Richie Ren & Sammi cheng, taken in this island.. This movie was so HUGE (my fave too).. making Redang Island so famous instantly... So here is the movie...
 Watch it! Good Movie ^^ after you watch it, I guarantee you'll want to have a holiday there (of course now theres much more resort & bungalow than what shown in the movie.. so it wiill be much more fun)

 Well.. btw, It took me 2 Flight (Indonesia to KL + KL to Terengganu Island) & 1 painfully bouncy ride with ferry boat through big waves to Redang Island, to finally arrives.. but it was worth it...  The beach was AWESOME.. the sand & sea were so perfectooo...

Taken with SLR Canon 600D

Taken with my Blackberry ^^

I stayed at Laguna Resort.. which was super duper niceeeeeeee ^^

 Me: "Touch up! Touch Up! Before playing in the sand ^^"

SO for almost 3 days we were there.. The weather always so HOT during the day, then.. raining so big & damn cold in the night wtf .. So weird... The hotel manager told me that its already been like that for almost a month.. Btw, here some more picture that Me & My friends took ( even though it was SO SO SO HOT, we ALWAYS manage to do some cam whoring ^^' ckckckck )......

That's Me in the middle with my fave basket ^^

Me & my friends chilling under the coconut tree..

 Crazy Style hahaha....

having Lemon Tea & wine while we enjoying the atmosphere... SO RELAXINGGG..

It was so Relaxing, it maked my friend doing this WEIRD SLEEPING POSE for 3 hours (ok she will be SO MAD if she know i upload it here, so i decided to put only a small Pic like these =p)

Btweii.. i ALWAYS have a pale skin colour.. so of course i wanted to have a sexy tanned skin.. feel like Kim Kardashian's glowing skin.. So me & my friends bought a tanning lotion, and........ we were laughing and goes "Ciahahhahahaha... yayyy gonna have a GREAT TANNING WHEN WE GET HOME! U'LL SEE.. Other Friends gonna be jealous..."

 BUT... Booooooo! after one day laying by the beach... from 9 am to 4pm (swimming & taking pic in between)... We DON'T GET THE GLOWING TANNED SKIN.. But we get a skin burn.. it goes red and so hurt when someone touch it... (UPDATE: after a few days my skin start to peal off! arghhh @3*$$*#^$) ----> i have pictures of this, but i wont put it here T_T...... blehhhhh.... Maybe we did the tanning in the wrong way, but yeah whatever....

Anyway, at the second nite, when we were hanging on the beach, suddenly theres these loud music happen, from the neighbour hotel.. so we decided to take a look.... WOWWWW.... Theres a Party in an open air.. near the beach.. with these cool DJ.. We were dancing, & had a little drink... My hubby bring these Green laser & Light it under our "Vodka Ice"?? or is it "Smirnoff Ice"?? i forgot hahahahaha.. making it sorta like GLOWING.. VERY COOL... Here's the pic..

Me: Kiss kiss for the GLOWINGGG Vodka!

My hubby making this WEIRD "My Mind making this drink GLOW" Pose hahaha..

 and that Weirdity (is that a word?) really contaiging (not sure if this is also a word)... Our friends doing it also..

Well maybe a drink company would make it as an idea.. The thought of you holding a glowing drink at a COOL semi dark High End Club... hmmmmm....

Okay I'm bored with that Glowing thingy..
so here is my picture having fun with the Girls at the "Beach Party"

 Anyway.. at the last day we do "Group Photo".. we dragged my hubby's SLR & Tripod to the beach & ..... *click.. clickkk clickkk*

Is "The Self Working" Timer is on already? *CLICK* 
(check Satria's POSE --> First from the left)

Hahahahhahhahhaha.... *laughing at his pose*

making a HOT "We're Having Fun On The Beach" POSE

No days gone by without Crazy Picture..... (specially the guys.. you would die laughing if i upload their crazy picture here.. which i wont =p ... relax guys hahahaha...)

Okay after Satria knocked us down, the group photo is done ^^

So Thats It ^^ i will close this post with 3 picture of my last nite & last day we are there (like you haven't seen enough photo already).. kiss kiss..

My last night at Redang island

 Me & friends waiting our ferry to take us back to Terengganu Island

me & hubby: We see you again, Redang Island....

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