Monday, September 26, 2011

Look Of The Day: Summer Beach Style

I'm taking a vacation at redang Island last month.. So i might as well making an LOTD... 
It's Holiday ^o^ so i wanna wear something comfy, yet still fashionable..

~ White Tank Top
~ Animal Print Long Loose Tee      : YOGYA department store - Bandung
~ Dark Brown Big Round Glasses
~ Slipper                                        : Juicy Couture
~ Blue Hooded Cardigan               : Online Shop (forgot the name T_T)
~ Bamboo basket                          : Bali Island - Indonesia

QUICK TIPS: i think its necessary to bring a cardi to the beach even if its hot. it has so much function, to cover your face from the sun, or even as a mattress if we have to sit on a dirty rocks, etc

PS: the little luggage u see next to me is mine too.. But lets just forget that.. i wait to check in to my resort while taking this photo.. so i happen to still bring it along with me hahahhaa..

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